About Us

Craig Strickland Foundation

The Craig Strickland Foundation was established on December 27, 2016.  This is a significant date due to December 27th being the one year anniversary of Craig’s death.

By God’s design and mysterious appointment, Craig Strickland was blessed with the ability to command the attention and influence the lives of others. Craig’s passion and joy for life spilled over into everyone he met and became a source of encouragement and hope. The Craig Strickland Foundation will celebrate and honor Craig’s legacy and invite others to share his excitement for life.  The foundation is dedicated to helping young adults embrace the opportunities and leverage the talents God brings their way.

Craig used his life to encourage people. As a young adult, he was a founding member of Beyond the Game, a program that used the game of baseball as a means to share the love of Christ. He enjoyed a meaningful life with passion and a true desire to spread the gospel to everyone he met through every aspect of his life.

Once he taught himself to play the guitar, Craig spent many years as a worship leader. He was blessed with many hobbies and talents, and through these blessings was able to impact the lives of others. Craig’s skills brought together the band Backroad Anthem. His optimism and hope convinced five of his musician friends to dedicate their lives to a vision of sharing their original music on the country music circuit.

He was an avid sportsman, musician, mentor, and fully engaged friend, brother, husband, and son. After spending Christmas 2015 with his bride of one year, Helen, and his family, Craig and a friend, Chase Morland, took his hunting dog, Sam, left Northwest Arkansas and traveled several hours to go duck hunting at Kaw Lake in Oklahoma.  They knew the weather conditions the farther north and west they went were more ideal for the migrating ducks. The hunters were very excited. The next evening when there had been no communication with their families since arriving at the lake, law enforcement was contacted and a search began. Chase’s body was discovered the next day. Craig’s body was not recovered for another seven days.

 “My friend’s body was found today. He wasn’t there. He’s been enjoying glory. He’s in the presence of His Savior. He’s brilliant beyond our imagining because he accepted Jesus as his Savior years ago. His life will forever be a testimony…God was never caught off guard by this tragedy. God’s plan for Craig Strickland was made up in eternity past. Every day of his life was one of grace. He loved beautifully. He lived passionately. He was made for more than this life, and the stage lights he flourished in are of no comparison to the blinding brilliance of Christ’s presence in which he now worships.”Aaron Matthews, January 4, 2016