Psalm of David!

As I wonderfully pray for my unborn grandchild, I hold close to my heart the words in the Psalm of David. What we cannot see, God can see so perfectly.  That fact that God knows and cares for children in the womb means that God’s concern for life...
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Broken Cisterns

Craig’s family, friends, and fans would agree that he gave love, joy and kindness to all. We don’t grow more empty by giving ourselves away in service to God. In no way! The more we give, the more we are filled. The more we sacrifice, the...
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Rivers and Roads

Though He slay me, yet will I hope in Him. (Job 13:15) I admit that I have purposely ignored studying the sufferings of Job for years because the story scared me. In God’s timing, the story of Job became incredibly real to me as I began to experience...
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