Craig Strickland Foundation

Craig’s family, friends and mentors would like to share Craig’s legacy through their words and opinions of Craig’s life attitudes.  The desired goal would be to encourage, heal and bring hope and joy to all that read.

Craig’s positive energy always seemed to be greater than everyone’s negativity and Craig’s confidence seemed greater than everyone’s doubts!

The Craig Strickland Foundation encourages you to watch for these weekly posts and absorb these thoughts imagining Craig’s personality pouring through each one.

Craig’s grave is located at Dowell Cemetery in Fayetteville Arkansas, note Craig’s saying at the bottom, “I’ve come to realize that relationships are the only things we can take with us to heaven.” – Craig Strickland

How many twenty-something year olds freely make statements about heaven as Craig had done?

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  1. Gina Hoff

    May you and your family and Craig’s sweet Helen find comfort in the years to come that Craig was truly a son of Jesus Christ who walked his short but full 29 years of life with the conviction that there is truly Life everlasting if you accept Him as your Savior. Those relationships Craig spoke of and made in his life on this Earth he cherished and molded unto his body as one truly carried him to his heavenly Home. I pray for all of you for His guidance, His peace and His strength to fill your lives and hearts as all of you live through the same convictions that Craig had as you carry on his message that truly the relationships you create are the only things that we take to Heaven.
    May God bless the soul of Craig Michael Strickland and may God bless and be with all of you. AMEN+

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