Christmas Mourning

Christmas Mourning
Dec 27, 2016

My responsibilities for Christmas morning have always included helping Santa with the stockings. It is my one time per year to try to turn off my accountant’s brain and become a more creative, imaginative stocking savant. I guess that over the years I have pulled this off as my kids (now in their 20’s) still demand that I continue the stocking tradition.

Craig was always the most difficult, as he never had the “sweet tooth” most of us possess. He was never one to desire (as Buddy the Elf claims) the four major food groups; candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup. I would frequently find Craig’s leftover stocking candy in a shoebox under his bed or in his closet a year or even years later.

As this Christmas drew near, every time I tried to plan my pursuit of stocking stuffers, I would get confused and sad about Craig’s absence. Time after time, I would give up and wait for another day. Finally, I was told that I needed to stuff a stocking for Jenna’s (Craig’s stepsister) boyfriend, Clayton. At first, this just added to my confusion and to my dilemma. Then, Jenna said that Clayton would like whatever you would have gotten for Craig. Suddenly, my plan came together and I knew that Clayton will like his beef jerky, cinnamon toothpicks, under armour hat and camo lanyard!

This year has been filled with unimaginable pain and sorrow. However, our church, community, friends and friends of Craig have filled us with grace and goodness. Our family has seen Jesus pouring through all of those who have shared their stories of how Craig’s love and personality affected them.

The sting of death was great, but Craig’s legacy will continue on through the work of the Craig Strickland Foundation. Please feel free to contact us to share stories or to request additional information. We hope we can encourage, heal and bring hope and joy to everyone that we touch. You can reach us at the Craig Strickland Foundation Facebook page or by emailing us at

Jesus has truly been the Great Comforter. He gives us hope daily and His promises give us peace.

Randy Strickland 12/26/16

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  1. Tracy

    Great title. appreciate you buddy.

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