Gratitude: the state of being grateful

A beautiful part of the human experience is being grateful and sharing gratitude. Especially in times when we know we couldn’t have accomplished a task or lived through a crisis without the care of someone else. Why should we be grateful? Possibly because the sincerity of gratefulness or thankfulness requires a posture of humility, and humility is a very attractive quality to possess. When we express our thankfulness towards someone, it says “you are special to me”, “your thoughtfulness made me feel loved”, “I needed you at that moment”(And we do need each other!) and countless other expressions.

The Strickland and Morland families didn’t know we needed the fine folks of Kay County, but our Sovereign God did. None of the events of December 27, 2015-January 4, 2016 came as a surprise to our gracious God. In His infinite wisdom, He knew there would be a need for your hospitality, prayers, time and generosity. We are forever linked to you as the recipient of this selfless generosity.

Last Saturday night was an opportunity to once again join with our friends in Ponca City, Newkirk and Kay County to launch the first Craig Strickland Foundation fundraiser. In true fashion, these awesome friends showed out in a big way raising funds to support scholarships for students from Ponca City and Newkirk High Schools and Oklahoma State University Student Mobilization Ministry.

Oh yes, there was plenty of fine fare prepared by seasoned and award winning cooks; smoked elk, duck duck goose jambalya, fried quail and pheasant, wild boar, fried fish, delicious sides and amazing Dutch oven cobblers. No doubt it was enjoyed by all! Can’t wait till next year!

Gratitude – Is it possible to show an adequate amount? I can only speak for myself when I say how blessed I am to have been wrapped in the love of a community who without hesitation took great care of a hurting family. You are my forever friends!

Julie Strickland 2/13/2017

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